Don’t drink milk for health

Title is seems to be weird.yes, but it is true. Milk will cause serious of health hazard. Diary industry make it popular using celebrities & other lot of marketing tactics. Many people are out there feel hard to believe. one of serious problem of drinking milk is osteoporosis. How it affects, to know click here

Dr. Robert.M.Kradjian  explain clearly about milk problem  in his THE MILK LETTER. It is little bit lengthier, but worth reading.

Here is a video by Russ curran explain why drinking milk is rocket fuel for cancer

Then some people feel refresh after drinking tea or coffee.Yes! caffeine made it possible but remember it only for short time , it soon drain your energy well below the normal. eventually you become  tired. click here

& Finally those who suffering from not getting sleep in night  are because they avid of drinking tea or coffee.

So,  what is the alternative? we can drink coconut milk, soya milk, almond milk.

Hope it may help you. Have healthy life.



Today we are going to see about how to stop carving for smoking. Smoking became fashion  these days. some  guys  using it for style, some peoples  use it in the name to reduce their tension. whatever reason u give ultimate result as we all know, many health hazards & eventually leads to death. Addictiveness is created by  nicotine used in tobacco. so how to overcome the craving  for smoking, there are lots of methods out there as therapy or as medication. Here is a simple method which we can do it from our home. click here

we feel relax when we smoke is because we breathe in  more air. our brain get refresh by taking the fresh air. So how we have to do that without cigarette is by doing Deep Breathing Exercise.

Hope u got some info regarding to quit smoking.