Diabetics medicine myth

MYTH : High Sugar or Low Sugar is a serious disorder and needs to be controlled thru Diabetes medicine or Insulin

In order to circumvent above mentioned process, the Doctor prescribe Diabetes medicine that forces the Pancreas to secrete Insulin irrespective of the quality of glucose. Now all the glucose in the blood will have Insulin thereby making the cells accept all the glucose as they all have Insulin now. Since cells now accept even bad glucose as they too carry Insulin, they cannot perform their function of repairing/renewing the body cells properly and that’s why the body/organs become prone to various pains/illness/diseases.

As the so called ‘Diabetic’ patient continues to take ‘Diabetic’ medicine, along with other organs, even Pancreas gets repaired and due to the poor quality of glucose intake by the Pancreas cells. Due to this the Diabetes medicine cannot make the Pancreas create ‘Insulin’ anymore and this when the ‘Diabetes’ patient evolves ūüė¶ to the next serious stage and Doctor prescribes ‘Insulin’ injection to them. Injecting Insulin directly into the body totally kills the body’s ‘Quality Control’ mechanism and all the food that we eat, irrespective of the quality of glucose created gets diffused into the blood. The cells have no choice but to work with inferior quality glucose (as all glucose have Insulin now) and they poorly discharge their duty of repairing and renewing cells thereby leading to the body/organs totally susceptible to all kinds of diseases and poor immunity to external attacks from virus/bacteria.

Normally the lower limbs (legs) of the body undergoes higher blood circulation, as blood quality becomes very poor, the cells in the legs/foot get dead faster leading to numbness in the foot initially and hence any wound/injury happens in the foot, will not get cured and due to easy infection very soon the patient’s entire legs needs to get amputated.

Any organ of the body that undergoes more strain like eyes etc., too gets this pathetic end as the cells with bad quality of glucose from blood has totally lost its inherent capability to repair/renew the cells in the eyes.

The message is¬†‘right food taken at the right time in the right way’¬†alone cannot make the body defend itself naturally and continue to renew/rejuvenate the cells of the body thereby the person stays healthy.The ‘Diabetes medicine’ & ‘Insulin Injection’ only kills the ‘Quality Control’ mechanism of the body and makes the body prone to all diseases and die a horrible death.


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